Welcome to Streamerz Radio 1 Network, we are stoked in getting the station back up and finally be able to show off some great new stuff and push out some new artist and music from the major scenes as well the unsigned musicians and bands out there. We will soon enough bring back some of our promo artists as well.
We added some older to the newer artist for you to enjoy we always hear oh man tune.


We are now also SSL secured for you to enjoy the safety of your logins and email accounts, we thought about adding this also into a social network also but we have one now join up and invite your friends to join. check out the social network here

Where Streamerz Come Together

CMJ Productions Originated in 1999. We had extended the name on throughout the years and made the name Creative Minds Join Productions filling the name out.

We decided instead of shorthand we would give it the full name and only used the shorthand in links and pages we made.

(Creative Minds Join Productions) does manage and operate the online radio service called Streamerz Radio, that was created in 2015, for uses of all radio services Online and FM who would have promoted music in a good standing and legal way, for an artist like Paige Stormblade.

Our service/s and Paige Stormblade are listed as a BMI licensed Publisher, Performer, and Writer.

All content posted is under such direction. We are the management service for Paige Stormblade and record services affiliated with EMR Records and Promotions.

You will be able to hear our shows on demand as we have them to tune into.

Streamerz Radio is on Itunes as “Streamerz Radio-1 Network” For all podcasting starting late Oct early Nov with shows staring Paige Stormblade, the artist she likes to interview on subjects is with members of the FireHouse Group,

Paige’s band at time of her unsigned days to be a member she only Managed or Promoted, but for the most part of a few in mind to take after of the groups she help in making noticed, she was to study her way into music on her own, she friended firehouse but didn’t perform aside with them, but her band she had been promoting at the time, ended up being one of the added on to talk at later times, a with a conversation with David Goodman, The most of the music made to perform the songs, Paige took over the music but limited to 3 to 4 from Mad Atchu, Paige and David Gordman talked it over, and a few songs only to be righted to. and let Paige pretty much get recreative what once was as one of the newer members to perform Mad Atchu and would be with performances and do 2 bands into one as a tribute band, this ended up as part to carry on the bands she’s got involved with from the time she helped promote 2 bands from one management, but as tell Paige friended firehouse, Bill Leverty, and Perry sat with Paige at the table of the club they will perform, Paige buys Bill a drink, Bill buys her a drink, she rocks the night away after that. Bill Leverty likes Paige, His favored song is “sweet love affair with death” can check Paige Stormblade out here and listen to her tunes


Creative Minds Join Productions Makes and mixes all its radio service audio works, under the direction of BMI Performer Publisher and Writer rights, including its shows and maintains a copyright of up to 100 %percent ownership of shows they produce, if you haven’t paid dues for the work your rights are held Till payment, Creative Minds Join Productions L.L.C a label of records establishes its recognition for being called a label with the help of the Band Stormblade and Paige “Stormblade” Roberts, founder CEO of Creative Minds Join Productions L.L.C and is knew for a management and record services with promotional services, and was designed primarily in 1999 as was  to create a full media and productions system with internet options.